Offered services

We offer the following services

1. Installation of a newly purchased device:

- Preparation before installation
– Consulting at the location of the installation with respect to the nature of the equipment
– Professional installation of the device, including putting the device into operation
– Recommending a suitable place for operating your device with respect to the optimal use of its technical parameters and to disturbing external influences, as the case may be
- Training healthcare personnel
– We provide all specialised publications necessary for operating the instrument. In addition to the English versions from the producer, we supply Czech user guides.
– Documentation includes all of the requirements pursuant to Act No. 123/2000 Coll.

2. Warranty and post-warranty repairs

We provide complete warranty and post-warranty service for all the Philips (Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies) medical technology and for TAEMA ventilation technology.

How to order a repair:
Phone: +420 239 047 505
Fax: +420 239 047 549

Repairs within the warranty period and as part of a concluded service contract may be ordered only by telephone. If you tell our dispatcher the serial number, he/she will willingly inform you whether the given device is under warranty or of other facts about the device.

Please order post-warranty repairs by fax, e-mail or letter.

When ordering a repair, please inform us always of the device’s serial number, which serves for the purpose of registration of the given repair in our system and enables a quick and definite assessment of the force of the warranty.

3. Service contract – relationship of co-operation and trust

In order to improve our services, we offer several types of service contracts. A service contract will bring you indisputable advantages:

- minimum administration
- quick and direct contact with the service centre
– priority treatment of your order
– immediate response

A service contract not including spare parts is based on a flat-rate fee, where we guarantee a quick response, regular preventive inspection of the devices and the spare parts used are charged separately.

A service contract, including spared parts used brings you many advantages:
- fixed annual cost
– fixed price of the service contract during its entire validity period regardless of changes in the USD exchange rate
– with contracts for a complete installed base of Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies/Philips medical devices we offer an annual settlement of costs. If the costs of the repairs actually performed are higher, the customer does not pay the difference; on the contrary, if the ordered service does not reach the agreed price, these savings may be compensated gradually
– by delivering consumable supplies, technical update of the present medical technology or delivery of new devices
- concluding a service contract will help you plan the service costs of your devices, when you know the maximum limit of these costs in advance
– a service contract includes unintentional damage of the device = it replaces an insurance policy
- we carry out regular preventive inspections as part of the contract, including safety tests prescribed by the manufacturer (corresponds to Act No. 123 Coll.)
- prolonged guarantee
– may be purchased directly with the device, must be specified before the device is ordered

4. Expert consulting

If you need to consult a technician, our dispatcher will put you through directly to a technician who will answer your questions over the telephone. This service is provided free of charge.

5. Safety inspections

All Hewlett Packard/Agilent Technologies devices must undergo strict safety tests. Extensive documents on the procedure and results of these tests are available. Tests for prescribed devices are performed regularly as part of the repairs.

If you are interested, we will carry out safety tests for devices other than Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies devices, for a charge.

6. Storage

We have available a warehouse of selected spare parts that are available immediately especially for customers who have concluded services contracts with us. The choice of parts stored is governed by the frequency of performed repairs.